Draft Beer Equipment

Trunk Line:

Thirst Aid uses the smallest diameter of lines in the industry, holding 1/3 of an ounce per foot or less, while our competitors hold 3/4 of an ounce per foot. These small diameter lines are able to maintain the perfect flow rate. These smaller lines hold a minimal amount of beer, therefore allowing the beer to be flash chilled. These smaller lines keep profit margins high and beer waste low.

Glycol Chillers:

This is a type of refrigeration unit that chills glycol to the desired temperature. It is comprised of a compressor, motor, pump, and thermostat. They range in size from 1/5 hp to 3 hp. This piece of equipment is at the heart of the glycol chilled system.


Your options are endless when it comes to dispensing towers. Thirst Aid strives to assist you in choosing something unique to your establishment, capturing your customers attention. While aesthetics are important, a profitable beer system is key to dispensing every ounce of product. Thirst Aid can also custom build a tower or improve your existing tower.

Iced Cobra Tower

Pass-thru Tower


Under-bar station

Traditional Irish
Coffin Box

Classic Irish
Coffin Box

Goliath Tower

Goliath Jr. Tower

Tubular Pass-thru Tower

Brauhaus Tower

Metro H Tower

Maxi Panther Tower

Mini-Mushroom Tower

Lucky Tower

Sexy Tower

3" Column Tower

4" Column Tower

Wall Mount Station

Iced Cobra 4

Terra 5