Draft Beer Systems

Direct Draw Dispensing System:

Self-contained keg beer storage cooler thermostatically controlled. It can have one or more doors, depending upon how much keg storage is needed. The beer dispensing tower is mounted on top of the cooler and is cooled by circulating cold air. This type of system could be used in a home or commercial setting.

Remote Air Cooled Dispensing System:

In an air cooled dispensing system, the walk-in cooler circulates cold air to the tower and then returns it to the cooler. “This forms a continuous air loop, running along side the beer lines in order to keep them cold. This system maintains the temperature from the walk-in cooler.” The beer dispensing tower can be wall mounted or bar top mounted. Keg storage would be in the walk-in cooler

Glycol Chilled Dispensing System:

In this application, a separate glycol chiller or power pack is used to cool the beer lines. Propylene glycol circulates through lines bundled together with the beer lines. Keg storage would be in the walk-in cooler. Glycol systems are recommended for runs longer than 30 feet and for multiple dispensing stations.