Client Testimonials

A short video video of a smiling bartender showing off a flawless pour from a Thirst Aid draft system

A short video demonstrating pouring a 'perfect pint of Stella' from a Thirst Aid draft system installed at Earl's in Cherry Creek, Colorado

    I had been in business for almost 12 years and could not seem to get my draft beer costs to come down, from 25%, without over charging the customer. I became acquainted with Buck, Dustin and Cheryl through a mutual associate of a competing concept. They came, they inspected, and they conquered my draft beer system.

    My costs, without raising prices, instantaneously dropped 2% to where they are still today hovering at 23%. My experience with their customer service is excellent. Their passion is to pour the perfect, ice cold draft beer and the results are absolutely fantastic. They are so incredible that I had them install a custom designed system at my new location where my costs began and still today are hovering at 21.5%.

    The only waste that I have is from an occasional miss-pour or from a bartender's or server's mistake. I recommend Thirst Aid for any of your draft beer concerns, headaches and/or future projects. They truly do go the extra mile to make sure that the quality of their work is unsurpassed and the best part is that you are profitable.

Trey Woessner
Buffalo Wild Wings
Arvada, Colorado

    Personally, Buck Cook is someone whom I consider a professional and a genuinely good human being  He and his company are, and have been, on the front end of quality in a quite demanding industry. He has a level of integrity which I find missing in a great many people and companies these days. I have been around 3 or 4 (after 35 years in the industry) owners/vendors who I would characterize at this level and in this manner.
    Buck and his staff are always looking for ways to help our company: improve costs, improve quality, oversee and manage projects so little oversight is required by us, as well as, follow through until the end, administrating openly and effectively. His attention to detail, follow-through, qualities as an individual, as well as his professionalism in a demanding field have served him and his company well in my eyes.

    As a company, Thirst Aid's attention to detail, follow-through, listening and recommendations have led to well in excess of a million dollars worth of quality projects. No project is too small, large or complicated
for them. They have done the draft systems in virtually every one of our Old Chicago concepts for at least 15 years or so, and are specified to do our Old Chicago Franchise Partners stores (about 35 some to date), as well.

    They have also, always been there to do the little things/jobs, which others sometimes find unappealing and prefer not to do/bid.

    I would highly recommend Thirst Aid. Qualities of an individual make the things and the people they surround themselves with better or worse. Those Buck is around always seem substantially better.

    I'd be happy to speak to anyone considering Thirst Aid, and feel if they choose them; they, and their company, will probably be better for it.

Steve Rogers
Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.
Construction Development
Sr. Proj. Mgr/Dr. Cnstr.